Introduction: Quick-Fun-Easy-Cardboard Game

People say Necessity is the Mother of Invention. But one should never underestimate the power of curiosity.

I aways thought of what we can do of those cardboard boxes. They seem quite useful when Amazon deliver our stuff into that. But once we take our our stuff those cardboards becomes a waste.

So here goes the story I was playing some video games on my X-box. And I didn't realise that how come I have spent my whole day playing online games and my eyes were swollen.

Then I realised, I need to have off screen time.

So I thought of making this game called Labyrinth game. This game is simple to make and most importantly fun to play and you can play it with your fiends. The idea is to take the ball through the maze, but there is a catch. The catch is there are holes in between the passage.

As I told I always keep thinking of upscailing the existing stuff. So here also I will be used the existing cardboard boxes.

Just try it. Its fun to make and play.


1. Two Cardboard boxes(25 x 15 inch). One should be bigger slightly than the other. One box is come inside the other box.

2. Marble Balls

3. Scissors

4. Glue

5. Marble Balls

Note: If you don't have Marble Balls. You can make Balls of Aluminium foil. Just roll the foil and run it across the hard surface to even it up.

Step 1: Design the Maze

The first step is to design the maze. So here I have drawn the maze on the plane sheet of paper. of the size equal to the size of the cardboard. The idea is to basically finalise the design. I adjusted the design of the maze with the size of my cardboard. You need to make sure of below points:

1. There should be atleast one passage which reaches from 'start' point to 'end' point.

2. The holes shouldn't be too big or too small. I took the size of the glue stick cap to make holes.

Step 2: Draw the Maze on the Cardboard

In the second step I have pasted a wrapping paper at the back of the cardboard. Then I have drawn the maze with a pencil on the sheet that I pasted. Make some changes if necessary according to the size of the board.

Make sure you give a passage to reach from start to end.


Don't make it too easy. Initially it might seem difficult but once you get used to it, you can easily get throught it.

So make it as difficult as possible.

Step 3: Stick the Walls on the Cardboard

Now for making the walls of the maze I have cut the cardboard of different length , each has a breadth of 1.5 cm.

To give them more thickness stick 2 cardboard sticks together.

Wrap the sticks with a crape paper.

Give it a colourful look. You can use any color paper of your choice.

Step 4: Cut Circles in the Board to Match With Your Finalised Design

Cut different circles at the back of the board.

I have used the cap of glue stick to mark circular shape for cutting.

Need to make sure of following things:

1. Holes shouldn't be too small. They should be big enough to allow the marble ball inside it.

2. Do not through the circles which will come out after making holes in the sheet. We will later use it to decorate the game.

Step 5: Container for the Marble Balls

Now take a slightly bigger box and mount the maze on that. Do big enough holes at both the ends of the cardboard, so that you can hold it in your hands and play with it.

Also there should be some gap between the maze and the box below it so that marble balls can later on can be taken from it.

Step 6: Scoring Slider

If its a game there would be a competitor. And there should be some mechanism to score.

So to do that I have crafted a slider. Follow the below steps:

1.Take a cardboard and cut them into 2 cardboards of size 7x1 inches.

2. Now paste some white sheet on both of them.

3. Write numbers on them from 1 to 4. Keep some space when writing the number.

4. the next step is to cut a make a sider which will decide your score.

5. Now fold the cardboard from both the and paste them on the edge of the cardboard

Step 7:

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