Introduction: Quick and Easy Personal Ring Sizer

You're like've got dainty fingers, right?  Dainty, pretty lady fingers.  Or, maybe you've got big ol' manly sausage fingers.  Or something in between.  It's all happytown, differences are beautiful!

Now, I don't know about you, but I’ve always wanted a ring that fit perfectly; most rings seem either too large or too small. With future technology, we shall use the power of the laser cutter to make this...The Ring Sizer of Perfection!  Let’s follow along, shall we? 

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Scrap wood

Laser Cutter

Step 2: Measure Your Finger

Cut a piece of paper, & wrap it around your finger to measure.  If you can't get a good grip, have a friend help you.

Mark the paper where the green arrow points (where one end of the paper touches).

Step 3: Measure the Paper

Unfurl the paper and measure where you marked.  This is the circumference of your finger. I measured my thumb this way, & my circumference is 5.75cm.

Step 4: Convert Circumference to Diameter

Convert your finger's circumference to a diameter, by multiplying your circumference by 0.3183.

5.75 circumference x 0.3183 = 1.83 diameter. 

Now, we know we want the holes in our ring sizer to be based on a 1.83cm diameter.

Step 5: Make the Ring Sizer File

Using that 1.83cm diameter, we’ll make a ring sizer file based on this measurement. I created such a document in Adobe Illustrator, with labeled finger holes.  I decided to make 1.83cm my middle hole, then make 2 holes on either side, increasing/decreasing in increments of 0.5cm.  

If you’re really picky about your ring size, you could increase in increments of 0.1cm. 

If you’re really really pick about your ring size, then perhaps you should measure your finger with an electron microscope. 

But that’s neither here nor there.

Now...onward!  Let's get to lasering!

Step 6: Laser Your Scrap Wood

Place the scrap wood in the laser cutter, send your new Illustrator to the laser cutter, & watch it do its magic!  Amazing!

Btw, I made this ring sizer at TechShop...the land of making ideas become REALITY.  @______@

Step 7: Try on the Ring Sizer

Now, your ring sizer is done!  Try it on! Choose a hole size that firmly stays on your finger.  You want a size that fits snug, but is not constricting.

If it’s too loose, goodbyyyyye ring, i.e. it'll slip off.

If it’s too tight, goodbyyyyyyyye finger,’ll get gangrene.

The size that fit me best was 1.78cm.  In the future, when I make rings on the laser cutter, I'll know that this will probably be the best size for me.  All right, thanks for reading! 

Now get out there...go on...make some beautiful things. 

I'll be here, dreaming up new adventures...


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