Introduction: Quick and Inexpensive Yard Decoration With Snow and Candles

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This is a quick and easy idea for a last minute Halloween decoration if you unfortunately find yourself with snow like I did this year.

Actually, It could be used for a decoration anytime there is snow, "2020" for New Year's Eve, a heart for Valentines Day, "Joy" for Christmas, etc

This last week I was entertaining family, and it was snow storm after snow storm, and so I didn't get any of my usual decorations set up. Tonight (Halloween), it got dark and the kiddos were not showing up and I got worried that I would get stuck with the 70 goody bags that I excitedly assembled over a month ago (I curated some awesome stuff this year!).
So freaking out a bit, I ran outside with a bunch of half used tealight candles and pushed them down in the snow to spell "BOO" in my front yard. It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but it did the job and started attracting the Trick-Or-Treaters in droves.
In between handing out treats, I decided to try it again in my side yard, this time creating a trough for the candles to set in. The following is version 2.0.


  • Snow
  • Tealight Candles
  • Lighter
  • Ladle (optional, but helpful)
  • Time (about 5 minutes for this design)

Step 1: Push Design Into Snow

Using a ladle, I pushed down into the snow to create letters almost a meter high.

The snow was a few days old and so it had a crunchy crust on the surface that was a little difficult to get through. After I broke through, I went over the letter a few more times to smooth out any bumps or chunks that had fallen in.

Note: I tried to stay back as far as possible so there wouldn't be foot prints marring the design.

Step 2: Lay Out the Candles

I laid out the candles about 6 inches apart or so in the design trough.

Note: If you have new candles, make sure to bend the wicks up as you lower them into the trough, as it will make for easier lighting.

Step 3: Light the Candles

I used a long handled lighter to light the candles; It helped me reach the candles without having to step in the snow right next to the design.

Step 4: Admire Your Design

I stepped back and was pleased with how the second attempt turned out.

Note: This would be a great time to gently readjust any candles for a better light balance before they become too melted.

Step 5: What NOT to Do (First Attempt)

My first attempt, I just pushed the candles into the snow without making the trough, and the result was much more pixelated. I then tried to push the snow down between the candles, and it helped, but it still didn't give me the look I was going for. All that to say, make the trough first for the best results.

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