Introduction: Quick and Dirty Costume Rivets

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I originally made this image as kind of a joke, but then I realized I could make it a quick instructable on a small item.

As it says, this makes many, fast costume rivets.

Materials needed:

Bag of googly eyes, your choice of size, but i like the med-small ones.
Can of spray paint primer
Can of spray paint - silver
Silver rub n'buff
Can of spray adhesive
sheet of paper
glue to attach your new rivets - I prefer gorilla glue

If you don't already have most of these items around the workshop, this is not really cost effective, since the spray paints alone will sink you for at least $12

Step 1: Obtain Googly Eyes

The ones i bought were in a pack of 140, and were about 2 bucks.

Using a sheet of plain printer paper, lightly spray with spray adhesive and stick your eyes .. uh.. right side up. The spray glue should take long enough to dry that you should have enough time to stick them all down at once.

Don't do what I did here - spread them out a bit more, take up the whole sheet if possible.  Makes the last step easier.

Optionally, you may pry up one side of each eyeball and remove the black pupil, but I choose not to, since it kind of defeats the purpose of 'quick and dirty'

Step 2: Stop Looking at Me!

Now, spray prime those suckers in flat black.

Step 3: Step 3: Profit!

In an hour, after the primer is fully dry, lightly use either rub n' buff silver, or use silver spray paint. allow to dry again, then you may pop off your eyes... er rivets, to your hearts content and apply them wherever you need fake metal rivets.

You can skip the primer step if you like, and just spray paint them silver, but I really like the black rim edge - it gives it a dirt streaked sort of feel.  The extra coat of paint will also make an extra sound barrier against any of the eyes rolling around - this shouldn't be much of a problem though, unless you actually shake whatever it is that you've applied your new rivets to.