Introduction: Quick Made Hand Cranked Compost Shredder

If you make you own compost, you can see grass mowings and soft young weeds, rot quickly. But small branches and woody prunings decay very slowly.
They need to be shreded to be correctly composted.

If the woody prunings are a small fraction of your compost maybe it is not necesary to buy a expensive compost shreder. You can build a small hand cranked compost shredder.

Step 1: Big Bore Bit Drill

This is the core of the shreder.
A worn big bore bit drill . You need to weld a rod in the tip of the bit drill. this rod must be aligned with the bit drill's axle.The frame is made from wood. take all the measures and drill two holes in the frame, then put two bearings on it and put the axles into them. Fix the frame with nails or whatever you want.

Step 2:

I added this metal plate, as counter blade. The nails are hammered into the wooden frame and rest in the metal blade.After that I welded them together as a reinforcement.

Step 3: Axis

Slide the axis of the drill through the ball bearings.
In the tip of the drill I welded another axis and I did the same.

Step 4: Add a Hand-crank

The hand crank welded into the axis

Step 5: Test

Once the hand crack is finished it is time to test the device.
I took a small branch ( 2 cm diameter), and push it between the drill and the counter blade.
I spun the drill slowly maybe 30 rpm

Step 6: Shredding

You can see that the branches are slowly shreded into fine strips.

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