Introduction: Quillied Bunny Pendant

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Quilling using regular colored paper. I chose pink,blue and white.

Step 1: Materials

A paper shredder,colored paper, quilling needle, glue, scissors, and a jump ring.

Step 2: Shred Away

Start by shredding your paper. You will have plenty for any size bunny.

Step 3: Body and Head

Start quilling the body with a basic circular shape. Then add a little dab of glue at the end of the strip and let it set. Do the same for the head using another strip of white paper to make a simple circular head.

Step 4: Add Another Strip

Next you are going to grab another strip of white paper. Apply a little dab of glue and add it directly to the body. Without the needle, roll the paper around the body until you have the desired body size you want.

Step 5: Time to Make Some Paws

Next, take a pink strip and fold it in half. Cut it down the middle so you have two equal parts.

Step 6: Paws

Take one half of the pink strip and make a tight circular shape using the quilling needle. Add a little dab of glue once you get your desired shape.Once the glue has dried, fold another strip of white paper and glue it to the end. Hand roll the whit paper around the first pink circle. (For this step you don't need much. This is just for color contrast.)

Step 7: Bottom Paws

Next take another pink strip and quill a circle shape. Glue the end and once it dries gently pinch one end of the circle making a tear drop shape. Next take a white strip and fold it in half and cut. Then glue it to one end of the paper and wrap the white piece around the pink drop shape for contrast.

Step 8: Ears

Almost done. Grab a pink strip and make a circle shape with your quilling needle. Add a dab of glue and let it set. Now gently pinch both sides of the quilled circle. Once this is done, half and cut a piece of white paper. Add a little dab of glue and wrap around the pink ear for contrast.

Step 9: Eyes and Nose

Since the eyes and nose won't require a lot of material, cut a piece of pink and blue paper down the center and, using your quilling needle, make a few turns. Add your glue and simply attach to your bunny face.

Step 10: Jump Ring

Next add the jump ring through one ear and then glue all of the pieces of your bunny together.

And there you have a quilled bunny pendant.

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