Introduction: Quilling Flowers- Quilled Paper Art

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I am Akanksha Anand and I am 16 years old. Once, I drew agirl’s face with zentangle patterns in her hair using a thick marker pen. I love nature and flowers are all about nature. So, this time I tried to make the same drawing with flower patterns in her hair by quilling thin paper strips.

For this you just need paper strips which is easily available in any stationary shop. You just need to roll the paper and make different patterns with it like flowers, leaves, circles etc. I have tried to make a girls face using quilled papers. I hope you will like it.

Step 1: Used Materials

1. Paper strips

2. An "A4" size white sheet

3. Fevi-gum

Step 2: Drawing Outline and Quilling Paper Strips

First draw the outline of the girl’s face. Don’t use a dark pencil.and start rolling the paper with your fingers and place it wherever you have to stick it.

Step 3: Pasting Quilled Papers

Now, roll the paper strips making it circular in shape and then you can any shape by pressing it with your fingers very lightly.

You can make various flowers with different designs.

After making the rolls of paper you have to stick it on the white sheet using a fevi—gum.

Step 4: Making Flower Patterns

I have use a deep blue paper strip to make the outline of the face because it is a dark color, you can use any.

Same way by rolling or quilling paper strips make various flowers, leaves or other designs and make her bun beautifully.

Step 5: Making It Neat

After you have filled all the required places with quilled paper strips, make sure that the outline you made with the pencil are not visible, so that it looks neat

Step 6: Giving It a Finishing Touch

Just to add beauty to it, I have made its border using an orange color paper. You can use any color as per your wish. And now you have a beautiful quilled paper art in front of you.

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