Introduction: Zentangle Ballerina Art - in Rainbow Shades

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My name is Akanksha Anand and I am 16 years old. I love drawing. So, I have come up with this.

I have just painted the girl in a dance pase and the made the zentangle patterns using black marker pen . It is really easy to make it . I have used red oil colour and cream acrylic colours for Painting the frock of the girl and black acrylic colours for painting her body.Then I have shaded it using pencil colours. These thing are easily available in stationary shops. I hope you will like it

Step 1: Used Materials

1. White sheet(A4 size)

2. Oil colours

3. Acrylic colours

4. Pencil colours

5. Paint brushes

6. Marker pen( black)

Step 2: Drawing the Character

First you hai to draw a rough sketch of the character. Don't use dark pencil so that it doesn't get messed up while painting the character.

Step 3: Painting the Character

For painting the character I have mixed red oil colour with cream acrylic colour to prepare a pink colour to paint her dress. Next, I have use black colour to paint her body and brown colour for her hair. Then give it some time to dry because oil colour may smooch and will end up in ruining your painting.

Step 4: Making Patterns

Now start making the zentangle patterns all over the page leaving a little space around the girl with pencil. Don't use dark pencil so that it is not visible after completion of the drawing.

Step 5: Highlighting the Patterns

Now highlight the pattern which you made using pencil with a thick tip black marker pen. After highlighting make sure that the the pencil marks are not seen. If it is visible, erase it.

Step 6: Shading

Start shading from corners of the page it like a rainbow with pencil colours. First shade with violent colour ,then indigo ,then blue , then deep green, light green, yellow , orange and the red.

Step 7: Giving It a Finishing Touch

After, you have shaded, again highlight the patterns with marker pen to make it brighter , darker and neat.

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