Introduction: Quilling Pin Made From Throwaway Things

I lost my pin. Not that I can not buy a new pin, I already did that. I made this pin just out of curiosity. I was also surprised that it works exactly like the real thing.

Step 1: Materials

An old marker

A long pin (got an eye pin from my wife's jewelry making kit)

Something to make a small hole (board pin here)


Step 2: Making the Pin

Take the eye pin and break the head. I did it by hand just folding it multiple times at the same place. The joint got warmer and finally it broke.

Fold the pin in half to bring the 2 ends closer. Little maneuvering is required to bring the pins closer but keeping them parallel.

Step 3: Make the Body

Take the marker and start dismantling it. Dispose the nib and the refill.

Take the board pin and punch a small hole in the cap. Make the hole little bigger to accept the pin made in the previous step.

Step 4: Put It Together

Pass the pin in the hole from inside the cap.

Make a tight roll from some old paper and push it inside to hold the pin in place. Fill it with lots of glue and let it dry.

Step 5: Test the Thingy

After the glue has dried totally, check the pin so that it does not move at all and is fixed into the pen properly.

Attach the cap to the base of the body and you are done.

Try doing some basic quilling. I was pretty satisfied with the final product.

Step 6: Keep on Quilling

Made this pot with this quilling pin. Saving this pin as a backup pin in case of emergency.