Introduction: R2D2 SHOES CUSTOMIZE

If you have your confortable old shoes, but…., you want to give a
new life, or make different new shoes, you can customize them with your favorite character, and have different and funny shoes!



• New or used rubber slippers (1)

• Template or drawing reference (2)

• Fabric paint, colors: black, white, blue, silver and red (3)

• Graphite pencil (5)

• Fabric paint protector (optional)


• Brushes # 2, # 1, # 0 and liner (4)


• Painting on canvas

Step 2: DESIGN

a) Select or draw R2D2 image (you can search by internet).

b) To have original shoes, make different desing in each shoes, to do this make a shoe with the small image and the other shoe the same image but big and only a fraction. In our case, the right shoe, divide the front of the shoe in 4 (cross-shaped) and place the drawing of the small R2D2 in the corner opposite the left shoe, occupying ¼ of the shoe. For the left shoe, draw image so that it occupies the entire front part (b).

Step 3: DRAWIN

c) You can hand draw the images as established in the design (b) for each shoe, or measure the shoes, on a computer adapt them to the sizes you need, print and transfer them to the shoes. Give a personal touch to the original design, to make them unique !!!!.

d) Outline everything drawn with black paint, using a liner brush.

Step 4: PAINT

e) Paint carefully filling the character in each shoe, trying to start painting with dark colors such as blue, and finished with light colors such as white and silver, ensuring that the black lines are the same thickness in everything painted.

f) If it is to your liking, make color gradients, as in the case of blue, using paint with a different shade and the melting technique, and if you consider it necessary, protet on some type of special varnish for fabric painting.


g) Let the paint on your shoes dry well, and enjoy them !!!!

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