Introduction: RISK Board Game Build From Reclaimed Pallets

RISK board game build.
I decided to build the popular strategy board game RISK as it involved all aspects of crafting to make, from sketches, engraving, painting, CNCing, laser etching and 3D printing.

Step 1: Materials / Tools / Machinery

2 Wooden pallets
1 piece of hard board (A4)
2 battons (35 mm wide x 20 mm high x 640 mm long)
2 Drawer magnets
1 bag of screws (30 mm)
1 bag of small nails (15 mm)
Wood glue
Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Purple and Green paint
Cocktail sticks

Craft knife
Tape Measure
Phillips screw driver
Wood saw
Metal saw
Hole punch

Table saw
Stepcraft 420 CNC
Electric sander
Dremel (with ball nose engraving bit)


Using a hammer and crowbar prise apart the pallet exposing the nails/screws and cut through them using the saw.
Knock out any remaining nails or screws using the hole punch, hammer and pincers.

Measure and cut 5 pieces of pallet planks 600 mm long.
Sand them down.

Measure and cut a further 2 pieces of pallet planks 495 mm long
Sand them down.

2 battons (35 mm wide x 20 mm high x 640 mm long)

Position the 5, 600 mm long pallet planks next to each other on the floor or table, this will be the underside of the RISK board game table.
Position each batton 10 mm in from the edge measure and mark 2 screws per pallet plank along each batton. Then drill the holes for the screws into the battons and screw together.

Step 3: PAINTING the Continents

Using some sheets of A4 paper draw and cut out the shapes of the continents.

Position the continents and glue using pritstick on the pallet plank table top.
Using the black paint, paint off the edges of the continents onto the wood, leave to dry then remove the glued paper.

Draw the territories on each continent then with the Dremel engrave the territory borders.

Using a Cocktail stick and black paint fill in the engraved territory borders.

Step 4: STEPCRAFT 420 CNC Engraving

Using a CNC machine with a engraving drill draw any images and text to engrave save the tool paths as G-code and run them on your CNC machine.

Step 5: STEPCRAFT 420 Laser Engraving

Using the CNC machine with the laser attachment write all territory place names, save tool path as gcode and run on your CNC machine.


Take one of your 2, 495 mm long pieces of pallet planks position the board game attacking dice and cards onto the plank in the position you want them and then draw around them and with the space left measure out three equal sized compartments for the board game pieces.

Once you have marked the areas we can then mill a pocket out using the CNC machine.

Cut 4 equal sized pieces of hardboard from the A4 sheet
Position each piece to line up at the corners glue and nail together.(This will give you drawer a surface to slide on).

Position the drawer into place and screw down the magnet and screw the metal plate to the back edge of the drawer.

Step 7: PAINTING Continents

Paint your continents / territories and the Armies key information.