Introduction: RR Spikes Coat Rack

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In my last visit to the mall looking for a strong, durable and with character Coat Rack, I couldnt find any. My wife thought I went blind or something but I just dont like any of what she showed me.

Walking through the forest I found a nice and old piece of strong, durable and badass wood (I think itsn Eucalyptus Root, very common in this area) I take it with me thinking of make a nice piece of furniture to Organize my mess.

Fortunately I had in my garage plenty of Railroad Spikes waiting to be used...somehow.

Step 1: Tools and Stuff.


Safety goggles

safety gloves

Foldable Hacksaw


5/8 Inch Spade Drill Bit

Angle grinder with cutting wheel


Step 2: Knock on Wood

The first thing I did was clean the piece of wood with a steel brush, then cut the thing to 90 cms length. Then I drilled the holes where the Railroad Spikes are inserted, I just drilled the half of the wood. I shortened 1 inch of the rail road spikes, clean it and nailed them into the piece of wood. Finally I varnished the whole rack.

Step 3: Installing.

I had to use two big 4 Inches screws to attch this beast to the wall.It can hold a lot of weight.

Step 4: Nice and Easy.

It didnt cost me a thing and I love how stands in that former bored wall.

Let me know if I am the only that sees beauty in that thing. Do you like it ?

I hope I could gather more Rail road spikes to make more of those.

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