Introduction: Radiator Air Conditioner

In this instructable I will show you how to make a miniature air conditioner out of PC radiator. Granted its net the absolute best but it works pretty good for me. it can usually run cold for about 30-45 minuets on about 75% voltage (9 volts). before you have to change the ice.

Step 1: Materals


  • water cooling PC radiator ( i used a 240mm) aliexpress
  • cooler (goodwill)
  • ice


  • drill
  • 1/2 in drill bit
  • soldering iron
  • Power supply (or battery)
  • something to cut tube

Step 2: Installing Fans

figure out what direction you want the air to go through and place and screw down your fans. my radiator only came with 8 screws so i put two on each fan diagonally.

Step 3: Prep the Cooler

your going to drill two 1/2in holes in the lid for the pipes to run through and the cord for the pump.

Step 4: Attach Hoses

First hook the tube to the radiator then run them through the holes along with the pump motor. Second put the pump on the end of the tube.

Step 5: Fill the Cooler With Ice Water

its pretty self explanatory.

Step 6: Wiring

wrap the wires together red in one set black in another and solder them. then connect them to the power supply.

Step 7: Turn on the Power Supply

Now we turn the power supply on. no smoke? no burning smell? no big ark? ok now you see mine is reading .01 volts thats fine its done that since it was new. new slowly turn up the voltage to 12 to prime the pump. once the return line is flowing you can turn it down to desired noise level and temp.

Step 8: Tuning

5.0 volts - not loud good for low noise applications

7.5 volts - good for decent cooling and noticeable noise

9.0 volts - great for sitting at a desk working where noise is not really an issue

12.0 volts - power cool good if air conditioner or power is out

anything higher and you will likely blow the pump and shorten the life of the fans.

you may see condensation build up on the ends this is good it means its moving cold water through it.

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