Introduction: Unusal Uses for Empty Pill Bottles

Have you ever wondered how you can use those plastic pharmaceutical bottles instead of just tossing them in the can? well I thought and came up with a few ideas that anyone can try!

Step 1: Shooting Targets.

This is one of the simpler ones in my list. all you need is a few bottles and some sand, dirt, or water.

Once you have chosen what you are putting in it its super simple, all you have to do is fill the container with your chosen fill and put it down range and shoot! now it may seem simple at first but as you move the target further and further it gets harder. I would recommend putting the target up on something like a wood block or a brick.

REMEBER be safe when using weapons always make sure you have a solid backdrop and that their are no people or animals in the path or possible ricochet spots.

Step 2: Under Shelf Storage

Don't you hate it when you run out of shelf space and you need to put something on (or in our case hang) stuff on the shelf. This should help in just about every room in the house.




short screws

drill bit


stuff to fill them with

The first thing to do is drill the hole in the lid to put the screw through. once you have a hole you screw the cap to the under side of the shelf next and probably the most important part is to remove the safety lock so you just have to twist. All you need is a serrated knife or a hand saw and just cut it off. then load er' up and go maybe add your own twist like storing spices for the kitchen or screws and bolts in the shed/garage go wild!

Step 3: Angry Birds Style Game

This is a game any one can play and is super easy to set up and play! The thing is the combinations are endless which means that you can use as many popsicle sticks and bottles as you want.


popsicle sticks

pill bottles

weights (anything to give the bottles weight)

something to toss

The next part is kind of up to you because you don't have to use my setup. to make it even harder you can limit how many shots you have and you can add points to different containers. Add your own twist! Make it yours! Have fun!

Step 4: Coin Storage

cling clang. Change can get annoying sometimes In your pocket or just around the house. The worst part is when it is in the jar and your going trough trying to find that last quarter and you just cant find it well here's the solution.divided containers too keep all your change neat and separate so you can find what you need when you need it. this time all you need is tape, a marker, pill bottles (lids are not needed unless you are carrying them with you), and a pocket full of change.

The only step really is to label the container and drop the change in!

Step 5: Coin Toss Game

This is by far the simplest of the five all you need to do is turn the lid over put some weight in the bottom and toss!

pretty self explanatory Hugh? add point values and time limits to make it interesting.

if you like this and try any please upload pictures!

happy making!

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