Introduction: Raiders Fan Logo Desk Ornament

We are going to create a Raider's Fan Logo Desk Ornament on the 3D Printer to display on my desk. Im going to use Tinkercad and a Polar 3D Printer.

Step 1: Step 1: Prepare Your File

•Required materials:



· First, be sure you have a Tinkercad program. Then, download the file containing the SVG of the Raider’s logo that you LOVE. Import the SVG to the build plate in Tinkercad. If you don’t have a printer that has a large enough build plate, you can scale the file to meet your needs. Then position the file so that it is flat on the bottom and centered on the build plate. Hit print and let the Polar3D printer do the work at this point.

Step 2: Step 2: Printing

Required materials:

3d printer

PLA Printer filament

•For this Instructable, I will be using a Polar3D, however you can use whatever you want. First, set the temperature to 210 – 235 and let it heat up for about five to ten minutes. Then export the SVG from Tinkercad to PolarCloud to start the print job. Tinkercad has an easy option for PolarCloud.

Step 3: ​Step 3: Smoothing the Print

•Required materials:

Your finished print

Tweezers and or Sand Paper

•Now that your Raiders Desk Ornament is finished, you may notice there are lines all over it. This kind of takes away from the overall look of the Raiders logo, making it look less real. The simplest way to fix this is too pull off any strings that were left during the print with the tweezers. You can also use sandpaper to make it smooth. Be careful, though, it may become misshapen if you do it too much.

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