Paper Party Dress

Introduction: Paper Party Dress

Valentines Cards were on sale for 90% off and I could not resist the fun Shopkin Valentine cards!!!! I knew they looked like a fun party dress for a Shopkin's doll Party.


Shopkin Valentine Card set

Glue Stick



hot glue

hot glue gun

power for hot glue

Step 1: The Doll

Find a doll that you want to dress up !!

Step 2: Select the Doll

open up the valentine card and look at your options that might look fantastic on your doll.

Step 3: Video Steps

I recorded how I created this dress. follow along to see all the steps. I decided to fold my cards like an accordion to start the dress structure. Watch as I folded the dress up.

Step 4: Hand Bag

I added a small hand bag by folding a single valentines card in half. Glue the 2 edges together to create a open pocket. I squeezed mine inward to look more open. I added a small strip of paper for the handle. I put glue just the edge inside the bag and pressed the handle on.

Step 5: Pre-embellished

Jasmines dress was done in shape but missing some embellishments. I decided to add a few characters to the front.

Step 6: Selecting Characters

I selected a card with cute Shopkin characters on the front. I cut them out and used a dot of hot glue to secure the little characters on the front waistline.

Step 7: Shoes

I did not like that her feet were bare. I traced around Jasmines foot on paper and cut out the shape. I then cut out the Shopkin logo and a small strip of paper to create a strap across the top for the shoe I then glued the logo with a dab of hot glue the top strip of paper.

Step 8: Crown

I decided she was looking quite GRAND for the party and needed a large Shopkin Crown. I used the same valentines card that I cut the characters from to create the custom crown. Details are making the outfit come together.

Step 9: Completed Dress

after completing Jasmine's New Paper Party Dress, Shoes, Crown and Handbag Jasmine was ready for the Shopkins Party.

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    2 years ago

    So cute! I love it! Very creative.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you was a fun make:)