Introduction: Ugly Sweater Finger-less Mittens

I wanted my own take on the "Ugly Sweater" Christmas Party this year. I decided to create a pair of Ugly Sweater Finger-Less Mittens. I had an old ugly Christmas sweater vest that I had collected to wear a few years ago; however it was too small to wear myself.


My supply list includes: An Ugly Sweater, Embroider Thread, Embroider Needle, Scissors, Lace, Elastic Cording (optional) 30 minutes of your time

Step 1: Step 1: Measure Up and Cut

The first thing I did after deciding to create a pair of finger-less mittens was to measure where I wanted to cut the sweater vest to fit my arm. I then cut along the patch squares. I decide on using four patch work squares to complete this project.

Step 2: Step 2: Hemming and Sewing

Once I cut the squares out I folded them in half (I would say good side in). I wanted the red stitching of the original sweater vest to show. In order for the red stitching to show (it being the good side) I needed to be sure to fold the stitching on the inside. I sewed the edged together to create the tube of the mitten. Once I hemmed both pairs of mittens I turned them right-side out.

Step 3: Step 3: Elastic Cording

I ran elastic cording threw the knit weaving so I could tie them tighter if I wanted (in the end I removed the elastic cording but if my daughter borrows them I will re-weave them for her tiny arms).

Step 4: Step 4: Lace

Since I wanted to wear these finger-less mittens to a Christmas party with my fancy dress; I decided to GLAM them up with some white lace. I measured the lace to go around the mittens edge. I used bright blue embroider thread to stitch the lace around the mittens edge. I liked the blue threads tassels that were left from the lace so I left them dangle .

Step 5: Step 5: Ugly Party Ready

The last step is my favorite step. Its time to put on your AMAZING Finger-less Ugly Sweater Mittens and get ready to attend and Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

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