Introduction: Rainbow Arrow Friendship Bracelet

Need something on your wrist to wear with pride? This fun and colorful bracelet will be sure to catch eyes and make you feel good! The making time varies due to skill level, and schedules. Mine took about 2.5- 3 hrs.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

If you would like to do a rainbow bracelet, gather all the colors of the rainbow (you can also add white and/or pink) otherwise you can choose any colors that you like. Use embroidery floss. If you would like a chunkier bracelet, you can go with a thin yarn. You will also need scissors, and tape or a clipboard.

Step 2: Cut the Strings

Take each string and cut one piece about the tip of your middle finger on one hand to the tip of your middle finger on the other. Make sure that all the strings are equal in length, it's okay to cut a little off the ends.

Step 3: Fold Strings in Half

Step 4: Make a Knot

Step 5: Arrange Your Strings

Once you have knotted your strings, tape or clip them down onto a hard surface. Then, arrange them so that the color you want to start with is on the outsides.

Step 6: Forward Knot

Take your first string (mine is orange) and make a 4 shape over the yellow string, or your next color (pic #1). Tuck the first string under the second string and pull through the hole (pic #2). Pull the string up so it is snug and tight (pic #3). You will need to do this one more time on the second string (pic #4). Remember: 1 complete knot is 2 forward knots. Always knot twice!

Step 7: Complete First Row

Continue knotting until you have knotted every color once. Do not knot any of the colors on the other half of the strings.

Step 8: Backward Knot

Take the outside string on the left side and make a backwards 4 shape over the string next to it (pic #1). Then take your first string and tuck it under the second string and pull it through the hole (pic #2). Pull tight and make sure that the knot is snug. Remember to knot twice to make one complete knot!

Step 9: Finish Entire Row

Continue to backward knot until you have knotted all the colors once. The two strings of the color that you are working with should be next to each other. Take the left string that you were just working with and make two backward knots over the right string (of the same color!) (pic #1). Pic #2 shows you what the row will look like when you are done (orange row). Don't worry if your first couple of rows are a little messed up- looking. All friendship bracelets look like that in the beginning.

Step 10: Keep Going!

Repeat steps 6-9 with each color until you have reached your desired length. You're almost done!

Step 11: Tying Off

First, like any bracelet, tie the end of it in a knot (pic #1). In this tutorial, I will be showing the way I like to tie off. This way allows you to take it on and off as you please. If you would rather just tie it to your wrist, then by all means, go ahead! Anyway, if you would like to tie off the way I do it, cut all but one string (pic #2). Add a button of your choice and slide snugly onto the string (pic #3). Turn bracelet around and tie the button onto the string 2-4 time so it's secure and cut of the extra string (pic #4). Next, cut of all but one loop at the top of the bracelet, preferably one that matches the tail at the end (pic #5).

Step 12: You're Finished!

Once you're sure that your button is neither too small nor too big, loop it through the hole and around your wrist and your done! Congratulations!