Introduction: Chicken Rainbow Crackers

You would find these crackers with white version in almost every Indonesian , Chinese restaurant. I had an obsession with these when I was a kid. Initially they are made from prawn meat ( cooked) or are totally vegetarian using only potatoes and tapioca startch. I’m using nutty yogi brand for tapioca startch


85g Water
150g potatoes boiled
150g tapioca starch
chicken stock cube/ powder
black pepper

Step 1:

Dissolve cube in that 85g water. Boil cubed potatoes in microwave.

Step 2:

Add all ingredients to tapioca starch excluding water. Mix all well.
In one of the picture you can see kitchen press being used to mash extremely hot potatoes. You can see review on my blog about it.
Add any infused olive oil. ( optional but recommended)

Step 3:

Add the water and form a ball. It will be sticky at first. But it will come along together. Separate into 7 equal parts.

Step 4: Mix in Colours

Mix in the food colouring. Making sure it is well incorporated. Put each on top of one another forming a rainbow ball/brick. Making sure they stick to one another so that during boiling process they don’t break.
Wrap it in Cling wrap and refrigerate for 1-3 hrs.

Tip : you may layer them and cling them right away and then press to form a ball/brick to avoid hand prints and sticking.

Step 5: Boil

Bring water to boil and then cook the brick for 30 minutes . After that cool it down in refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Or until you can handle the stickiness. Due to boil it will get more sticky.

Step 6: Slice Slice Slice.

Use mandoline or cut by hand. I used knife skills.

Don’t throw off any shavings . They are good for light crispy treats.

Step 7:

Dry them until to can hear a sharp sound it you beat two slices together. It took me 2 days in India.

Fry and enjoy. My 3 years old love these.
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