Introduction: Rainbow Loom Flower Ring

Step 1: Step One

Add two rubber bands to the loom to begin the ring.

Step 2: Step Two

Place the first two loops that begin the flower , first the left and then the right one.

Step 3: Step Three

Place the next two band , starting with the right and then the left one.

Step 4: Step Four

Place the next two bands on the loom - order is not important here.

Step 5: Step Five

Place the next two bands - left and then right.

Step 6: Step Six

Place the next two bands - right and then left

Step 7: Step Seven

Add three single bands to the end. This will form the rest of the ring portion that will go around your finger.

Step 8: Step Eight

Working from the end with the three single bands on the bottom, loop the second an third ones upward.

Step 9: Step Nine

Now you can start looping the flower portion. Make sure the two single loops are on the bottom when you start this.

Loop the one to the left first, and then the one to the right.

Step 10: Step Ten

Loop the two inner band on the top, first looping in from the left to the right, and then right to left.

Step 11: Step Eleven

Now loop the side bands downward - order is not important here.

Step 12: Step Twelve

Loops the inner bands on the bottom is a little different. Working from the middle pin, loop the one towards the left first , and then towards the right.

Step 13: Step Thirteen

Loop the two bottom bands - left inwards, and then right inwards.

Step 14: Step Fourteen

I forgot to take a picture of this step , but remember to loop the last two single bands that will complete the ring for your finger.

Attach a clip to this end BEFORE taking the ring off the loom. This will prevent it from falling apart when you remove it.
Attach the other end to the clip and you have your finished product.