Rainbow Loom Inverted Fish Tail Bracelet

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Inverted Fish Tail Bracelet

Rubber bands
A loom
A loom tool or crochet hook
An S clip

Step 1:

Make a figure eight shape and put it on two pegs then lay two more bands above it

Step 2:

Go under the second band grab the first and pull it over

Step 3:

Add another band and repeat step one remembering to always keep 3 bands on the loom at a time
Continue until the bracelet measures 4-5 inches

Step 4: Adding the S Clip

One last band ( im using one of a solid color) and grab both of the bands under it then add both loops to one side of the clip and both loops on the bottom of the bracelet to the other side of the clip

Step 5: Your Finished!

Congratulations on creating your rainbow loom inverted fishtail beacelet

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