Introduction: Rainbow Ribbon Hairbands

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Hi! I'm Hazel and I am a Maker Girl. Today I am going to show you some awesome ribbon hairbands that I've made. They are not difficult to make, just a little bit fiddly, and you can make one to match up with every single outfit you own! I have made so many now that I might need to get some new outfits to match my hairbands!

Step 1: The Blue Hairband

To make the blue hairband, I glued a strip of pretty patterned grosgrain ribbon all the way along a satin hairband. Then I glued a pretty flower to it that I got from my mum's sewing stuff! It is important not to glue it right to the top of the hairband, off centre a little bit looks much nicer. The easiest way to find the right place for it is to put the hairband on and find out where it looks best!

Step 2: The Orange Hairband

To make this one, I wrapped some orange polkadot ribbon round the top half of a yellow hairband. Then I glued it in place, at the back so you don't see the messy bit! Then I glued some jewels to the end of the ribbon. This is a sunny, summery hairband!

Step 3: The Pink Hairband

Pink is my favourite colour!

To make this one, I used my favourite ribbon, which is lilac and has bees on it. I wrapped it so that you could see the pink satin of the hairband in stripes. Then I added a pink bow to it. To make the bow, you make two loops, one in each hand. Then you tie an overhand knot, like the first knot you do when tying your laces. When you pull it tight you get a really awesome bow like magic! This is my favourite hairband.

I hope you like my instructable!

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