Introduction: Rainbow Sun Baby Toy Rattle

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Bring both the rainbow and the sun with you and your little one!

Hi everyone!

In this instructable I would like to share with you how to make a safe and friendly baby toy, suitable from the birth.

Rainbow Sun makes soft rattling sound that catch the attention of babies.

The knots in the end are good for chewing and teething because none of parts can fall apart.

The texture and contrast colours also are a great stimulant for your baby’s development.

Let's start!


  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. Scrissors
  3. Different buttons
  4. Kinder egg or similar container
  5. Filling
  6. Crinkle paper (I use candy wrappers)
  7. Sewing machine or thread and needle

Step 2: CUT OUT

Cut out 8 rays,by folding same fabric in half, and cutting a long triangle shape. About 20 cm length. (My fabric was a little thin and use it in 2 layers)

Then cut out 2 circles, 10 cm in diameter.


Fold each ray in half and sew with right side in.

After, turn the right side out using a pencil or an end of paintbrush.

Iron out the rays, and insert in some candy wrappers.


Sew the rays on right side of a circle, one by one.

And also sew the rays so that they are pointing to the inside of circle.

Now place the other circle on top, and sew around edges, leaving about 4 cm unsewn.

Turn with right side out, now all rays are pointing out.


Fill the Yellow container with buttons put inside the Sun.

Add filling for soft texture.

Than hand sew the opening part.

Step 6: HAVE FUN!

Tie a knot in the end of each ray and your interactive hand made toy is ready!

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