Raindrops Hand Accessory




Introduction: Raindrops Hand Accessory

10-minute fun activity for

an interesting finger accessory that can be adjusted in any of your fingers!


- Beads

- Copper Wire

- Pliers

Step 1: Make the First Rain Drop

Firstly, insert the beads (I used 5 tiny ones for the start) to the wire. Then twist the wire to a desired length, to secure the beads to make a shape of a raindrop.

Step 2: Make More of the Raindrops

Second, make more of the raindrops by inserting more beads and twisting the wire as many as you like

Step 3: Finish Your Raindrop Ring

Compile the raindrops by twisting different 'stem' of raindrops by twisting and make the ends ring-like to make it easier to be adjusted on your fingers

Step 4: Variations

You can adjust the diameter of your accessory to be worn on different fingers :)

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    1 year ago

    Very nice! : )