Introduction: Rasberry Pi Laser Cut Cardbboard Case

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I recently got an RPI 3 and like everyone else, I was excited to start doing stuff with it. But of course I need a case to keep it place and avoid it from falling off the table. I was out of plastic sheets which I would normally use for this sort of stuff but I was a bit impatient and wanted to build something instantly.

So Let's build it already! :)

Step 1: Drawings & Materials

The case I wanted to build is something that would be small enough to carry around and would have enough vents / openings to keep the RPI 3 cool while in operation.

I measured the Pi and drew my design in cad. NanoCad is a free cad software you can use to view and modify the file.

Since I was out of plastics, I came across some card boards that were fairly stiff. I glued about 3 sheets together using instant glue / adhesive (Loctite 401) to get about 2mm of thickness.

You can arrange the drawings so it will fit your laser cutter and material.

I was not planning on making an instructable about this, so the pictures are mostly after I was able to cut and assemble the pieces together.

The support legs are assembled as illustrated on one of the pictures.


Step 2: Paint It (optional)

Just 2 passes of spray paint does a great job in hiding the burn marks on the cardboard. :) Let it dry and pop in the RPI.

Thanks for viewing.