Introduction: Pip Boy 3000 Fallout 4 EVA Foam

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I originally wanted to build a pip boy out of my raspberry pi, but then the app for it came out in android. so I decided to work on my on version of the post apocalyptic essential equipment.

For this build we would need a few materials:

1. 1 pc 12" x 12" x 1/2" EVA foam

2. 1 pc 12"x12"x1/ 8" EVA foam

3. Elmers glue (optional)

4. Instant glue

5. Box cutter

6. Acrylic emulsion


8.Spray paint (flat black)

9. pencil

10. android phone (4" display mine happens to be this size)

11.Assorted gears or knobs ( I found gears from an old broken printer)

12.2 to 4 hours of idle time

Let's start. :)

Step 1: Sketch Your Design

I found the new fallout 4 pip boy to be an easier build. So I googled the image and drew straight on the EVA foam. Basically what we need to do is make a phone holder that will show the pip boy display. It helps if you could install the app so you can measure the opening and center the frame of the pip boy.

I drew the outline of my phone and cut 3 strips of the 1/2" EVA with the same thickness of the phone. I glued the strips to the EVA foam tracing the perimeter of the phone. This will be the phone holder. The only thing we need to do now is create the face plate of the Pip boy. This will hide the phone but will expose the display.

Cut a slightly bigger size from the phone base out of 1/2" EVA foam. Draw and cut out the opening for the display. now would be a good time to open the app and size up and measure the distance and center of the display.

Don't glue on the cover. Make the final frame or face plate from another piece of 1/2" eva foam.

Step 2: Trim Edges and Hide Layers

Trim the edges of the bottom phone holder. then cut strips of thin EVA using thickness of the bottom cover. We would cover up the sides to make look like a solid block. Do the same for the top cover.

To make the hinge. just cut a piece of 1/2" eva foam, heat it up on a stove, when it becomes soft press it against a mop handle. Hold the EVA until it cools so it ill retain the curved shape.

Now pop in your phone, line up the top and bottom then glue the hinge on. Use instant glue when bonding EVA foams together.

I brushed on the acrylic emulsion prematurely, I still haven't made the arm holder. No harm done though.

Step 3: Arm Mount

So for the arm holder, I just cut 2 strips 2" width of 1/2" EVA. Measure up your arm and wrist, then make hoops from those 2 strips.

Attach the larger hoop under the phone holder, instant glue welds the material so be generous when putting them on EVA plus be quick as it dries fast. Cut 2"x2" square and attach it to the smaller hoop then attach it to the other side of the bottom of the phone holder. The extra 2"x2" square serves as a spacer so the phone holder sits evenly on your arm.

Time to glue on the gears too.

now take your thin eva foam and measure enough material to join the 2 hoops together. Kinda like wrapping it to your arm. cut and glue them on. make details out of the bits and pieces of the scrap foams. Larger scraps were used as additional support for the phone holder.

To secure the phone in place cut 1" width of thin foam and attach the end on the other side of the top cover. make a belt hoop below the hinge using small scrap foam and pass the other end of the strip to secure the top cover in place. much like a belt would do.

Step 4: Spray Paint and Add Rust

Spray painted everything flat black. Then I went up our roof and scrape off rust from every metal i could find. if you have cinnamon in your kitchen then that works as well.

put some elmers glue on the seams and areas you would normally see rust develop then just dump your cinnamon or powdered rust, shake of the excess and repeat. normally i would dry brush silver paint on the edges for a distress metal look but I did not have silver paint so i just packed in more dirt.

Pop your phone in and play with it. :) This is my entry to the Halloween contest.

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