Introduction: Realistic Heart Drawing

This is a great sketch to make if learning about the heart or simply just for fun.


  1. paper
  2. 8B charcoal drawing pencil
  3. 6B charcoal drawing pencil
  4. 2H charcoal drawing pencil

Step 1: Outlines

Use the 2H charcoal drawing pencil to outline the left and right ventricles. From there outline the pulmonary artery, the aorta, and then the left atrium and the right atrium.

Put lines across the aorta and draw veins down the ventricles and up the right atrium.

Step 2: Darkening and Shading In

Use the 6B charcoal pencil to go over all the outlines and some of the curves on the aorta. Darken the veins and make them larger. Shade the entire heart, maximizing darkness on the side and bottom of the right ventricle.

Step 3: Finishing

Use the 8B charcoal pencil the further darken the veins and the right ventricle.

Label if desired.

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