Introduction: Realistic Lego Sculpture

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Hey everyone! I decide to make this lego sculpture when I saw a video about Nathan Sawaya's lego art, and I thought, why not make one myself? So in this instructable I will show you how to build a Lego Sculpture, and it's much cheaper than buying one from a Lego artist! Anyways I hope you will like my instructable, enjoy!

Step 1: About This Sculpture

  • it took me 10 days to build it
  • has total of 3017 bricks
  • it's about 100 centimeters tall

And special thanks to Nathan Sawaya cause he inspired me to improve my lego skills and build more stuff!

P.S. It'll probably take a couple grands if you buy a Lego sculpture from Nathan, and it only cost few hundred bucks if you build it yourself!

Step 2: Materials Needed

A decent computer

Lego Digital Designer

Basic knowledge of lego

Couple hundred bucks if you dont have the bricks i listed ( you can use other color if you dont have enough red ones! )

210 x 300521 BRICK 1X1 - Bright Red

416 x 300421 BRICK 1X2 - Bright Red

346 x 362221 BRICK 1X3 - Bright Red

3 x 235721 BRICK CORNER 1X2X2 - Bright Red

108 x 300321 BRICK 2X2 - Bright Red

428 x 301021 BRICK 1X4 - Bright Red

460 x 300221 BRICK 2X3 - Bright Red

79 x 300921 BRICK 1X6 - Bright Red

931 x 300121 BRICK 2X4 - Bright Red

27 x 300821 BRICK 1X8 - Bright Red

4 x 245621 BRICK 2X6 - Bright Red

5 x 300721 BRICK 2X8 - Bright Red

Step 3: Instructions

As usual, I created a video to show you how the sculpture is done. You can slow down the video if it's too fast for you. But to be honest, the video is kind of blurry so it's kind of difficult to know where the pieces are put down, so I recommend you to download the Ldd file so you can see it better. And also use some glue so the sculpture will be more stable.

Here's the link to the video if you are using the app version of Instructables.

Step 4: 360 View of the Sculpture

Just to provide extra info for people who wanted to build the Lego Sculpture! : )

Step 5: Conclusion!

Thanks for reading this instructable!

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If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to comment!

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