Reclaimed Garden Gate




Introduction: Reclaimed Garden Gate

We added a new fence and gate in the garden this year. Using reclaimed wood/materials from around our home.

Step 1: The Problem

We have 3 dogs.....(and my brothers dog is here a lot).

The problem is the dogs don't understand the rules of the garden!

do not walking on the plants,
no peeing on the flowers,
do not eat the green beans off the plant!
no wrestling in the strawberries,
don't eat the compost!
only people can dig in the garden,etc

So we made the decision to fence in the garden and make a gate using reclaimed wood/materials.

Step 2: Collecting the Materials

We collected all of our materials from around the yard...

Some old post, heavy duty skid, left over nails, a small piece of fencing and a few other odd pieces of wood from other projects.

*We had also considered the idea of using natural branches to build our gate (pinterest has tons of great ideas and pictures).

Step 3: Building the Gate

First, we dug footers and poured concrete to hold the post for the gate in place. While the concrete set, we worked on the gate.....(the makeshift gate did keep the dogs out of the garden, tho)

Next, we measure the distance between post and height for the gate size.We decide just to use the piece of wood railing that we had. We took out all the old nails and shorted the end.
Last he, reinforced the ends and
added the hinges & lock.

*Future Project....I would like to add lights to the post....

Step 4: Garden 2015

Now I'm ready to start planting my other crops with out having to worry about my dogs destroying my young plants!

This is also ideal for when I have my chickens in the garden, the fence will make it easier to contain them.

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7 years ago on Introduction

Very nice. I like rustic.

Lucky dogs to have a good daddy to build yards and gates for them.

Lucky you to have good dogs that don't fly over the gate as if that's what you built it for!


Reply 7 years ago

Haha They haven't tried that yet, but the chickens hop over all the time. ;)


Reply 7 years ago

Thank you!

Ron White
Ron White

7 years ago on Introduction

I built one of these last year so my dog can stay on our porch.