Reclaimed Natural Sea Glass Pendant Necklace



Introduction: Reclaimed Natural Sea Glass Pendant Necklace

This is a simple natural sea glass pedant necklace with a simple yet classy look. It also makes a perfect present for other people.

Step 1: Sourcing Sea Glass

Go to the beach and find some colourful sea glass the size of your thumb tip.

Step 2: Braid Twine

Measure the length of necklace needed. Tie three pieces of twine together and begin braiding it together. Once you reach the end of the braid, tie another knot at the bottom.

Step 3: Hook

Push the pin of the hook through one loop at the end of the necklace and glue it in place. Then, hook it to the other knot ot form the necklace loop. Do not glue this on so it’ removable.

Step 4: ​Pendant Hook

Tie tin wire around the sea glass. If it’s slippery add a small amount of glue on one side to secure it. It’s difficult to drill through sea glass without shattering it so it’s best to tie it instead.

Step 5: ​Hang the Pendant and Enjoy!

Tie the pendant wire into the intertwined braid and cut the excess wire.

Enjoy your classy natural sea glass pendant necklace.

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