Introduction: Recycle Dry Cleaner's Pant Hangers Into Camisole Hangers

The cardboard tubes on dry cleaner's not only don't last very long but have a sticky coating which keeps your pants from slipping off the hanger but after a few uses becomes covered with lint, hair, etc. (basically gross!)

Removing the cardboard tube leaves you with a not very useful partial hanger.

Here is a quick and easy way to convert this into a hanger for lightweight items such as camisoles.  My camisoles need hangers with notches for straps and those are harder to find and more expensive than just plain plastic hangers.

Step 1: Gather

Gather together all your old dry cleaner's pant hangers.

Tools Needed:

Wire Cutter


Pliers with built-in wire cutters

Step 2: Cut

Remove the cardboard tube.

Use wire cutters to cut off the bent ends of the hanger.

Step 3: Coil Ends

Use the pliers to coil the ends so the cut end is inside the coil.

My ends were not rough and they coiled neatly inward but if you think the rough ends could snag your clothing then maybe a little dot of "shoe goo" on each end before coiling.  But that will add at least 24 hours to the project to let the goo dry completely.

Step 4: Hang Camisoles


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