Introduction: Recycle Racing Chair

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Make a video game racing chair out of your old recycle bin.

Step 1: Look at Stuff Differently

What I mean is look at repurposing things that you don't use anymore. In my neighborhood we used these recycling bins for collecting plastic and such, now they have decide to use green trash bins used only for recyclables. So I have these boxes lying around the side of my house. We're going to make a Wii racing chair for my son and daughter to use... And of course myself who really is the biggest kid of all... Lol.

Step 2: Gathering Ideas

Here I've stripped the cover off the seat to wash it and I'm laying out pieces of scrap wood I had left over from other projects... Reuse baby!!!

Step 3: Sled?

Kinda like a sled but the idea here is to mount the wood to the bottom of the bin and on top of the bin so the chair is stable and building a place for your feet to go.

Step 4: Front Foot Placement

This is where you angle the front 1x1. Cut them prior to screwing them to the bin and cut 45 degree angles so you can make a place to connect the plywood foot rest.

Step 5: Masonite

I used masonite here on the reverse side because it had more friction and made a nice bendable surface to the top of the foot rest. I used screws about 1 inch.

Step 6: Wear a Mask!

I've painted countless projects and I found this cool and useful mask on the cheap. Now it was at one of your favorite flip junk places, but it was brand new and cheap. I would suggest you get one if you spray paint a lot. If it's too expensive get a cheaper version or at least something to protect you from inhaling the over spray.... It ain't good for us!

Step 7: Spray It Black!

Good OL' 99 cent spray worked for this project but you could use primer and a high end paint if you want. This was in my garage so I used it up. Now it's black and uniform.

Step 8: Hooks for Wii Controllers

I used broom hooks from a pack of hooks I got from mom's! She would really like the fact didn't go out and buy all this stuff and your mom would too. But basically used to hold the controllers.

Step 9: The Chair

The chair was another find. It was really the reason I needed to build this seat. I found it as well at a local thrift store. It was 6 bucks. I still need to figure out a way to mount it better but it is stable enough to sit on top of the 2x4 plywood frame I made. But I was thinking lazy Susan or some kind of rotating plate on the bottom. I also had these dollar store less that blink under the seat ... Cool!

Step 10: That's It!

Here it is in its glory the "Recycle Racing Chair" it was a quick fun project and my son that it was cool... And I think it's cool. If you build one tell me and share your ideas. Have fun and keep Gaming!