Introduction: Recycle an Old Trophy Into a New One.

A creative way to reuse old trophies for new purposes

Things you need:
an old trophy
something to cover your work surface (I used foil)
clay that bakes in the oven
super glue
a few colors of spray paint and spray polyurethane
scrap book paper in a coordinating pattern
a working computer and printer

Step 1: Come Up With a Vision.

You need a creative vision of what you want your trophy to look like.  Mine was previously for a diving competition, and I wanted to repurpose it for a poetry competition, so I envisioned a poet with cargo pants and words coming out of her mouth. 

Step 2: Form Clay Pieces.

Prepare your work space and follow the directions on the package of clay to prepare it. 

Step 3: Place Clay on Trophy.

Here is a front view of my poet's pants.  It took a while to form them exactly right.  I wanted creases in the knees, pockets, and a zipper.

Step 4: Form Any Pieces to Be Added Later.

The word bubble would not attach to her mouth at this stage, so I formed in on foil to add after it is done baking.

Step 5: Disassemble and Prepare to Bake.

Most of the trophy was plastic, so I took it apart to put in the oven and used foil to support it.  The word bubble is in there, but it is hard to see.

Step 6: Bake.

Follow directions on clay.

Step 7: Cool, Glue Pieces and Sand.

I glued the word bubble on and sanded the pants to make them a little smoother.  You might want to take a break at this point if your friends come over and bug you to hang out.

Step 8: Paint.

Spray paint as desired.

Step 9: Print and Cut Paper.

Decide what you want the trophy to say, print it out on your paper, and cut paper to appropriate size.

Step 10: Spray With Polyurethane.

Then, you're done.