Introduction: 3L Bottle Piggy Bank

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This instructable will show you how to make a cute lil piggy bank from used soda bottles.
Use it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Step 1: What You Need....

~ 2 or 3 liter EMPTY soda bottle (I'm using 3ltr for this ible)
~ 4 20oz soda bottles or water bottles whichever
~ pink paint (or red and white if you don't have pink)
~ paint brush
~ sharpie
~ liquid nails
~ exacto knife (or some other sharp blade)
~ scissors
~ sand paper

Step 2: Cut the Legs

Pretty much need to eyeball this step but make sure you make the legs the same height .
After cutting the legs, sand all your parts.
Sanding will give the paint something to hold on to.

Step 3: Add the Legs

Using liquid nails attach the legs to the "body".

Apply your liquid nails along the cut edge of the legs and hold them to the body until it no longer wiggles.

Best to do that ONE AT A TIME.

Since you are already using the liquid nails, you can go ahead and glue the nose (the cap) of your pig shut if you want, mine is not sealed because I would like for this lil piggy to continue living after it's done it's job. (meaning we wont need to cut him open to extract the $$ .. we will only need to unscrew his nose and dump the monies out)

Step 4: Add Your Ears

fashion some lil piggy ears and attach them with liquid nails.
( I forgot the ears before i started painting .. that's why piggy is already pink in this step)

Step 5: Mix Your Paint and Then ... Paint

get out your paint and mix it up
paint the piggy
I use a dabbing motion .. instead of the standard brushing motion .. this eliminates brush strokes and adds a lil texture

Step 6: Add Your Eyes and Don't Forget the Nose Holes!!

grab your sharpie and draw your eyes
any eyes will do... I just went with plain ol' black circles .. but you can do whatever

Piggy's got to breath so don't forget the nose holes!

Step 7: Coin Slot

Grab yourself a quarter and plot out a spot for your coin slot.

Mark the spot with your sharpie.

Use your exacto knife or whatever blade you wish to cut the sharpie mark out.

Step 8: Finished!

Oink Oink .. now your piggy is hungry ... toss your spare change in every night and slowly but surely you will have enough for that trip.. or whatever

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