Recycled Dog Hair for Birds Nests

Introduction: Recycled Dog Hair for Birds Nests

About: i got a third chance at a new life! I want to thank my close friends.( 1 lives here) 3 Police deptartments, and food and water as well as a safe house, and protection, my life is going to be great KARMA KARMA …

I love to get my back yard, which is set inside a STATE PARK, to the animals as a refuge.

Step 1: I Have a Round Reed Ball Medium Size Usually I Find Them at Michael's Craft Stores

All year long I save my black and white poodle hybrid's grooming cuttings of his fur.

This is what I call the ULTIMATE recycling;-

My family jokes If we ever find our Hummingbird's nests, we will recognize it by our back and white dog hair.


Sparky aka Rima

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    Great idea. I bet the birdies have it cozy and warm. I would love to see such "upholstered" nest.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your reply, for a few years, we have had the same family of hummingbirds. Every winter, we hunt for a black and white nest. LOL