Introduction: Recycling a PET Bottle to a 20m Long Thread

Recycling a PET bottle to a 20m long thread.
You can recycling PET bottles, beer cans and similar round shapes objects (junk) to thread.
Basically recycling means: to treat things (junk) so that they can be used again.
Thread is a raw material for production, usually for sewing or making fabric or some similar things.
PET is very strong material. 1.5mm PET thread can hold 5kg at least (I don't know exactly).
A 2l PET bottle can be recycled to 3mm thread 20m long.

Step 1: Material and Tools

PET bottle
25cm copper wire (2.5mm)

Step 2: Remove Top and Bottom

Remove the top and the bottom of the bottle carefully.
There should be a straight edge.

Step 3: Start Cutting

Start cutting.
Be careful, the string should to be continuous.
Follow the edge and cut width you want. (I cut 2-3mm it's hard to be absolutely precise)
Be patient and try to be precise.

Step 4: Creating a Holder (a Coil)

Creating a holder (a coil) using a copper wire 2mm.

Step 5: Coilling

Coilling is very easy if you use a battery drill with speed control.
Fix the initial end of thread between the wire and start coilling.
Move thread left and right along the holder during the process.
Fix the final end of thread with piece of tape.

Step 6: Final Product

The final product is a coil of PET thread cca 20m long.
It is very strong material.
The same method you can use for recycling beer can.
In that case the result is a aluminium wire.
Production of tapes and belts is similar.

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