Introduction: Redo of How to Make a Starburst Bracelet by Hand

gather your materials first

You need a bunch of rubber bands and a bunch of s clips or c clips.

Step 2 do your stars

Take a rubber band( your border colour ) , do two chains(not of the same colour) and hold on to it. Then take a rubber band separately and twist it and put it on your same finger. Then put that in between the second chain and do another chain. Continue until it fits your wrist. Put a clip in your last rubber band

Step 3 bases

Take your first rubber band, do a chain and hold on to it. Then stretch out the whole middle part and put a rubber band of the same rubber band through it. Then put it in between the last chain you did and put a chain through that all. Do two for each star and repeat the same thing for the lower base

I put the pictures in the previous one so enjoy.