Reese's Christmas Trees

Introduction: Reese's Christmas Trees

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It's beginning to look a lot like why not kick off the holiday season with a batch of Reese's Christmas Trees? These three-dimensional, tasty treats are easy to make and are sure to spread smiles this Christmas. All you need are a few sweet ingredients--what are you waiting for? Let's plant some Reese's trees!


  • Betty Crocker Whipped Fluffy White Icing
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis (unwrapped, the kind you buy at the check-out)
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures (larger than the minis, individually wrapped in foil)
  • Reese's Pieces or m&m's

Step 1: Unwrap Reese's Cups

Dump out some Reese's minis (the smaller ones) onto the work area. Then, grab a handful of Reese's miniatures (the larger ones), and start unwrapping! If you want to peel them easier, put the Reese's cups in the fridge for a few minutes. Once you have a sizable amount unwrapped, it is time to assemble the trees!

Step 2: Assemble the Trees

First, take a larger cup, and put a dollop of icing on top. Then place a smaller Reese's cup on top of the first. Now turn the tree upside-down. Drop some icing on top (which is the very bottom of the actual tree), and place a right-side-up smaller Reese's cup on it. Now turn the tree right-side-up.

Step 3: Top It Off

To top your creation off, pour out some Reese's pieces or m&m's onto a plate. The yellow Reese's pieces work well for a star, while the red m&m's look festive. Squirt icing on the very top of the tree--you do not need much. Pick out your topping, and place it at the top of the tree.

Step 4: You Are Done!

Continue making Reese's trees until you have quite a number of them. Good job! Now you have a batch of Reese's Christmas Trees that are sure to bring your family and friends joy during the holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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    7 years ago

    Christmas and reeses! Two of the best things on the planet!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    add two cocktail sticks and some mini smarties and they would look like daleks!