Introduction: Reisfleisch

About: My purpose is show how good austrian food is and that we do not only have wiener schnitzel


600 g veal, shoulder (I used pork -> cheaper), sliced
150 g (long grain) rice
80 g onions
20 g paprika powder (sweet)
1,25 l soup (instant)
salt / pepper
garlic, pressed
10 g flour
60 ml sour cream
grated cheese (I used emmentaler) but you can use parmesan too

(I will convert the grams and liters to ounces and cups later)

Step 1: Preparation

sprinkle the meat with flour, salt and pepper, brown in in a pan (with oil), lift it out and brown the onions, sprinkle with paprika powder, stir and add the soup (must be done quickly because otherwise the paprika will become bitter)

Now put back the meat, add garlic and cook it slowly for about 50 minutes.

Skim 1/4 l broth, add the rice and cook it for another 30 minutes.

Mix the sour cream with flour and stir it in the skimmed broth (and cook it a few minutes)

Now use a wet scoop to put the ''Reisfleisch'' on the plate, put the skimmed broth arround and sprinkle it with grated cheesy

Use salad as side dish