Introduction: Relocating a Banana Sucker.

I have an upcoming banana patch in my yard and recently it sprouted suckers. I want another patch to grow since it is rainy season here. Here is how I did this.

Step 1: The Sucker.

Thus is the more mature of the 2 suckers. I will remove this one carefully from the parent tree.

Step 2: Removing the Sucker.

Using my shovel, I dug into the soft dirt to cut the sucker from its parent. Next I pried it up and out. Now the sucker is ready for relocation.

An irritating fact of banana and plantains locally is that a nest of ants always set up shop at the roots. I got some bites and I wonder why such a relationship occurs between plant and insect. Perhaps the banana tree uses the ants as sex slaves. Or could the ants use the banana as a pimp? Who knows why but maybe in the future a naturalist like David attenborough can shed light on this topic.

Step 3: The New Site.

I dug a hole approximately 18 inches cube and got ready to plant the sucker.

Step 4: Completion!

Carefully putting the sucker into the hole, I backfill ed with the dirt I dug out. Now my yard should have another up and coming banana patch!

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