Introduction: Remove Nasty Price Tags From Original Packaging

Hello everyone. Today I want to show you a technique to safely remove nasty price tags from original packaging which consists of multiple different materials like cardboard and plastic (most original packaging consists of these materials I think).

Ok. Before we begin we should ask ourselves "Why am I doing this?". Maybe you come up with answers like "I want to keep the original packaging because I like it. But I hate where they placed the price tag" or "I want to keep the original packaging unharmed so that the worth of my collectors edition won´t perish." or something like that.

For me the answer to this question was "I want to keep my Lucario Amiibo sealed for my collection but I really hate the price tag."

So I needed to come up with a method to remove the price tag without damaging the packaging. And I am going to show you how I did it in this Instructable.

Important: I did not come up with this method all by myself. Actually it is a pretty well known method but I used a different approach to achieve what I wanted. There are many possibilities how you can remove price tags from all kind of surfaces and materials. Have a look at the Sources mentioned below. They show some pretty neat methods to remove price tags.


Step 1: Gather the Necessary "Tools"

Ok. Before we begin we need to gather the following "tools":

  • A hair dryer
  • A piece of cardboard

Make sure that the piece of cardboard is big enough to cover the plastic parts of the packaging entirely. You will see why this is important in the next step.

Step 2: Cover the Plastic Parts With the Piece of Cardboard

Ok. Now use the piece of cardboard to cover the plastic like shown in the picture.

"Why is this necessary?" Well, when you use the hair dryer to heat up the price tag the hot air will heat up the packaging too. While this is harmless to the cardboard parts of the packaging it is quite "dangerous" for the plastic parts since they will most likely deform resulting in an ugly looking deformed packaging (The collector´s value will be gone too.).

Since we want to prevent this from happening we need the cardboard.

It will act as a shield preventing the hot air coming out of our hair dryer from touching the plastic parts.

Step 3: Use the Hair Dryer to Heat Up the Price Tag

Now switch on your hair dryer and use it to heat up the price tag. Hold the hair dryer a few centimeters (about an inch) above the price tag and heat it up for a few seconds (about 3 seconds should be enough I think.) While heating up the price tag make sure to hold the piece of cardboard in you other hand to hold it in place and to prevent it from getting blown away.

Step 4: Peel of the Price Tag

Now try to peel of the price tag. It should come off in one piece easily.

"Why does this work?" Well, the glue used to stick the price tag to the packaging is not resistant to heat. So it will lose its adhesive power when the temperature gets too high. So basically you damage the glue of the price tag to get it off the packaging more easily.

Step 5: Finish

That´s it. Now you should have an original packaging without ugly price tags in perfect condition :)

I hope you liked this little trick and I hope to see you again next time :)