Introduction: Repairing Rotten Bird Feeder

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in our garden there is an old bird feeder. one day i saw that it's legs where rotting. so i decided to fix it. it wasn't sush a difficult project, it took about two hours. but in this project im only going to replace the legs with new ones. but just follow the simple steps an you'll fix your bird feeder in no time.

Step 1: Taking Off the Rotten Parts

first you want to take off the rotten parts. only two of the three legs where rotten so i could save one of them. but the rest had to go. i just got my crowbar and ripped the rotten parts off. but look out for insects. (there scary). you can just trow the rotten parts away, the only thing there good for now is for starting a campfire.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the New Legs.

i was lucky because one of the legs was still good. so i only had to cut two new ones. first i measured the length and the angle of the cut. i got a long piece of wood the same diameter as the original. my legs are around 40 cm or 15.7 inches. i doesn't really matter if you get the angle wrong because when assembling you can place them in a different place.

Step 3: Assemble

after cutting you can put the legs on the bird feeder. you can just screw the legs in the place the rotten legs where. you have to put at least three screws in every leg. but you also have to connect the legs to each other. you can just get some scrap wood and use screws to put them on the legs.

your done!!! you succsesfully fixed an old bird feeder.

if you need any help or if you have questions you can just ask me in the comments.