Introduction: Resin Fishbowl

In that instructable I introduce how create a resin product from design to realization. In this case I created a fishbowl pendant with goldfish and bubbles inside.

Step 1: Design the Project With Tinkercad

First of all we have to design our project. I tried the new Tinkercad functionality Codeblocks and I created the 3D model with code blocks.

The first object is the fishbowl

  1. first add a cylinder
  2. then a cube for the border
  3. Group object and create a copy then resize it at 0.85 in order to create the place to put the goldfish
  4. Add the ring for the pendant and group all

Step 2: The Goldfish

The second object is the goldfish with bubbles

Add a cylinder for the body and an other for the tailwith a transparent cylinder cut the tail to create an half mooncreate a hole for the eyeThe last design is for bubbles, they are little cylinders.

At this point you can download the .stl file. The object will be like the photo.

Step 3: Slice the Object

Import the .stl file in your slicer software. I usually use Slic3er or the proprietary software for my 3D printer. I decided for an high quality printing. Then print the project.

Step 4: Try the Design and Create Molds

After printing I tried if the design was satisfying then I put all parts in a box

Tip: use a bit of glue to stabilize object otherwise when you overturn the silicone rubber, the objects will tend to come to the surface

Step 5: Prepare and Pour Silicone Rubber

I realized molds with 2 parts silicone rubber for molds, my silicone rubber has 100gr part A and 5 gr part B composition, read catalization description for your rubber.

Step 6: Demolding

Ok you at half path way!!!!

Now demold your objects, I guess you waited for about 6 hours and molds appear solid enough to be ready!

Step 7: Prepare Epoxy Resin

Prepare about 40gr of epoxy resin part A and B, if catalization ratio is like mine at 60% then you could mix 25gr part A and 15gr part B. Mix to avoid parts without catalizator and pour in molds.

Use a transparent quantity for the fishbowl and color with a resin or glass colors a red part for goldfish and a blue part for bubbles.

Tip: if you have bubbles on surface turn on a lighter near bubbles.

then wait for catalization

Step 8: Final Touch

Demold objects and assemble your project.

Tip: to make sure that pieces don't move ,use a drop of UV glue under goldfish and bubbles, catalize it for few seconds

And now the final touch!

Prepare about 5 gr of epoxy resin and pour over fish and bubbles in order to cover the cavity and create a beautiful gloss finish.

Step 9: Wait and Wear

Wait for catalization and wear the pendant!!!