Introduction: Resin Sea Necklace

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a cute ocean necklace pendent.

You can also apply the same instructions and use flowers instead of seashells


Resin: I recommend Epoxy resin- found in local craft stores or on the internet

A silicone mold- I used a rectangle one but feel free to use what ever shape you like, make sure it is the right size for a necklace

Seashells- small enough to fit in the mould

Blue coloring - resin pigment- liquid or powder (liquid stays clear), acrylic paint is also an option but it will be a solid color



A mixing cup

Optional- Toothpicks

Sandpaper/ Nail file

Necklace string

Metal ring for jewelry

Step 1: Arrange the Placement

Choose your seashells and your mold. Place the seashells how you like in the mold. Choose seashells that do not go over the edge of the mold. Place them in a way that from the top you see the bottom of the shells

Step 2: Step Three - Prepare and Pour in the Resin

Get your resin, gloves, two spoons, a cup, your mold with your shells and a toothpick.
The cup, spoons and gloves should be disposable items because it is very hard to get resin off stuff and it is toxic.
I recommend preparing it on newspaper or something else you can throw out once your done.
Mix your resin according to the instructions on the resin and pour it in to your mold with a spoon. You can use a toothpick to move the shells to the way you like it.

Step 3: Add Your Colour

Add your dye, add a drop of your dye or pigment and with a toothpick mix it around until the spreading of the color is to your liking, I usually mix it until most of it is blue but there are still clear spots

Step 4: Take It Out of the Mold

After leaving it to dry for at least the recommended time in the resin instructions, take it out of the mold.
If there are and bumps or edges you can sand them off with sandpaper or a nail file

Step 5: Add Your Necklace String

Using pliers, put a metal ring in the hole and connect it to a necklace string and you done :)

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