Introduction: Cashew Curry

- Cashew butter masala curry is rich cashew based gravy blended with tomatoes.

- This curry goes well for a party and can be served with naan or chapathi


- 3 diced tomatoes

- One diced onion

- 15 roasted cashews( to make powder)

- 7 roasted cashews for garnishing

- One tea spoon red chilli powder

- One teaspoon coriander powder

- one tea spoon garam masala powder

- salt as per taste

- Butter

- Pinch of Dry fenugreek leaves

Step 1: First Step

-Take about 15 roasted cashews in blender and blend to powder.(If you have unroasted cashews add little butter and roast them.)

Step 2: Sauteing

-Take 3 tomatoes and one onion and dice them.Take a vessel and add little butter to it. when is heated add bay leaf.

-Next add diced onions and saute for few minutes.Then add tomatoes and cook .

Step 3: Cook Till Tomatoes Become Soft

-cook till tomatoes become soft and little mushy.

Step 4: Blend

-Next transfer sauted onions and mushy tomatoes to blender and blend to paste

Step 5: Preparing Curry

-Take a vessel and add little butter to it and when butter melts add blended cashew powder and saute for few minutes

Step 6: Add Blended Tomato Onion Paste

-Next add blended tomato onion paste to sauted cashew powder and give a mix.Add little water if consistency is too thick

Step 7: Add Spices

-Add teaspoon red chilli powder,tsp coriander powder and salt as per taste.Mix all spices with cashew tomato paste.

Step 8: Add Dry Fenugreek Leaves

-Add teaspoon garam masala and pinch of fenugreek leaves and give a mix.

Step 9: Garnish With Cashews

-Finally cover the lid and cook for few minutes. Garnish with roasted cashews and serve hot with roti

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