Introduction: Reusing Tea Bags in the Garden

Everyday I have one or two cups of tea so instead of throwing out the tea bags I reuse them in a couple of different ways. One way ever use them is throwing them in the compost and putting them in my compost out in my garden and having them mixed into the soil. Another way I use it is as a planter base inside the house for my inside plants or when I'm trying to start my grow room.


An old tea bag

Step 1: Planter Fertilizer

First, take your tea bag out of your tea and squeeze out all the excess water.
Next, I gently rip off the side of the tea bag and the paper tag. (I throw that into my fire pit or into the compost bucket).
Last, I place it in the middle of my planter. Place a seed inside and cover.

Step 2: Sun and Water

Place the planter in a Sunny Spot at a little water and in a few weeks or plant should Sprout. With the help of the tea bag acting as a fertilizer.

Step 3: Repeat

Every time I have tea. I repeat the process until all of my planters are full.

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