Introduction: Rework the Function of PVC Pipes and Make Your Own Pot Stand

Hello there, welcome to my another instructable . Nowadays, we opt to live a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, we have created our own vegetable gardens ,etc .But such things can't be possible in our apartments as there would be a lack of space. Again we have developed terrace gardens , balcony gardens .If there is some kind of organisation, we could house several plants in a small area. You could recognize PVC pipes as an extension for water distrubution. Well in this instructable i am going to show you guys the procedure of making a PVC pipe organiser. Now your question would be " What type of organiser?" We are gonna make a pot stand for our garden. I thought to make this stand coz the sill of my balcony was too tall so the plants which were kept on the ground couldn't able to receive sunlight. So lets get started .


PVC pipes

t shaped pipes (for connection)

elbow shaped pipes (for connection)

A blade

Step 1: Designing a Layout

I have designed a layout model of my stand. You can also increase or decrease the measurements to match your convenience.

Step 2: Start to Measure and Cut Your Pipe

According to my layout ,I have used 14 pieces of 12 inch pipe and 4 pieces of 4.5 inch pipe for the sides. I have also used 8 t shaped pipes and 4 elbow shaped pipes.

Step 3: Assembly

Connect 4.5 inch pipes, T- pipes, 12 inch pipes together. Similarly, make two for the sides and connect the sides with 4.5 inch pipe and elbow pipes respectively.

Follow the image to assemble the parts.

After assembly ,this stand was approximately 48 inches in length and 14 inches in height.

That's it guys, you have made your own pot stand . If you have tried this, don't forget to post a pic in "I made it " section. See you next time in my another instructable till then ,


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