Introduction: Rhinestone "Pick Up and Place" Stick!

This is also the equivalent of a DIY wax stick or any other DIY jeweler’s stick that picks up rhinestones and jewels!

You are going to have a total “ah ha” moment after you read how incredible simple it is to make your own stick to pick up rhinestones with! I’ve found this method to be cheap and easy to do, and easy to make tacky again if you are working on a large volume project.

H’ok. You will need:
  • a hot glue gun and glue stick
  • a skewer (food kind works, nail art orange stick works too!)

Yeah, that’s all you need! Told you this was simple!

Step 1: Making Your Rhinestone Pick Up Stick!

Step One:  Heat your glue gun. 

Step Two: Dunk either end of your skewer into the hot glue, or apply small amount to the tip of your skewers.  Twist and roll your stick to distribute the glue evenly or unevenly if you want (best for larger rhinestones). 

Step Three: Let dry and use! It should only take a few moments for the glue to cool as you are only putting a little drop on. You can set your skewer across a cup if you don’t want to hold it the whole time. If you need to make it tacky again (which you shouldn't have to any time soon) repeat the same steps!

Easy peasy!

Step 2: Enjoy Your New Pick Up Stick!

You will be able to pick up either end of rhinestones with ease! Plus, this method leaves no residue behind to blemish your rhinestones!

Additionally, you can make a second stick to help with precision positioning on your project, trust me, it helps!

And now you know.
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