Introduction: Ribbon Holder

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Make a ribbon display out of duct tape.

Step 1: Start

I needed something to hold my ribbons so i could display them in my bedroom. Originally I screwed them to the wall but this was inconvenient when I needed to clean them or move them. You may not want to do this in your bedroom if you have fancy walls but this would work in barns or garages.

Your need:
1 a stapler
2. duct tape.

Simply find out how long you need it. Then take the tape and fold it in half. It may be tricky so get someone to help you. Four hands are better than two.
Then staple it where you want it.
I stapled it in several spots to give it support and keep it straight. Then hang your ribbons on it. Just slide the backs over the duck tape.

there you go!!!! all done.

any complaints questions or advise let me know!