Ring & Cord - Easy Tricks

Introduction: Ring & Cord - Easy Tricks

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Do-It-Yourself Magic

A ring is tied securely to a cord.

An audience member is asked to hold the ends of the cord.

Under cover, the magician is able to release the ring.

All can be examined.

Follow the video instructions to learn this neat trick.

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    5 years ago

    Hi Phineus Q.

    If you have a length of cord, a hankerchief and a wrist bangle, then there's no making to be done.

    The 'secret' portion of the video illustrates how you can make magic.

    There are many other of my Instructables that do require some making. You're welcome to utilize those as you see fit.

    My intention is to provide children with the knowledge to create their own magic. Feel free to ignore the 'ad'. It's not important.


    5 years ago

    I'm confused. Is this an Instructable showing how to make this trick? Or simply an ad for this user's eBay store?